Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs include helpful tips and answers to common questions, such as how to book a reservation, what types of vehicles are available, and how to make payments.

We also have helpful guides on ground transportation regulations and etiquette, so you can be sure that you’re always informed and compliant when using our services.

More questions?

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Do You Offer Discounts For Corporate Accounts?

Yes, we offer customized corporate accounts with special rates and benefits. Contact our corporate accounts team for details.

Are Your Limousines And Vehicles Regularly Maintained And Cleaned?

Yes, our vehicles are meticulously maintained and undergo regular cleaning and detailing to ensure they are in top condition.

How Do You Ensure Passenger Safety And Security?

We prioritize passenger safety with stringent background checks for chauffeurs and adherence to all safety regulations.

Is There A Minimum Hourly Requirement For Your Hourly Car Service?

Yes, our hourly car service typically has a minimum booking requirement. Please contact us for specific details.